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The Beaver State is a beautiful haven of nature, culture, and business. Oregon is a nature lover’s paradise with its expansive forests, unparalleled coastline, and elegant rivers. The state has seven public universities and seventeen community colleges. There are also nearly thirty private institutions in Oregon including universities, liberal arts colleges, and trade schools. Some of the best schools in the state include Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, Willamette University, and Concordia University.

Living in Oregon

Over 3.8 million people live in Oregon, many of them in big cities like Salem and Portland. The population is about 80% white, 11% Hispanic or Latino, 4% Asian, and 2% black. Education is important to Oregonians-about 85% of people over the age of 25 in this state have their high school diploma and 25% have their bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income is over $50,000 and costs of living are relatively low, making Oregon a great place to call home.

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